The Eco Bathroom Box has been designed to bring you your bathroom favourites.

What's inside:

🌿Ecostore Antibacterial Toilet Cleaner 500ml - Suitable for septic tanks, contains a blend of plant - derived cleansers, eucalyptus fragrance sourced from nature. Cruelty free, bottle is recyclable. 

🌿Euclove hand wash 300ml lemongrass, palm arose & cedar wood containing coconut and Neem Oil soaps and infused with premium pure essential oils that are good for your skin. Septic tank safe. Packaging is made from recycled and refused packaging and is completely recyclable. 

🌿Euclove bathroom spray 300ml containing a unique blend of essential oils including Indian clove oil. Prevents and removes mildew, cleans dirt and grime, is antibacterial, antiseptic and anti fungal, leaving a lasting smell of fragrance. 

🌿Euclove floor concentrate cleaner 50ml, cleaning naturally with a blend of blue gum eucalyptus , clove and other essential oils. Great for most floor types; wood, ceramic or porcelain tiles. (Dilute 2 cap fulls in a litre of water.)

🌿Euclove premium microfibre waffle cloth, perfect for general purpose cleaner, is machine washable and dryer safe.

  • Cleaning instructions 
  • Do Not Dry with high heat
  • Do Not use Fabric Softener or Dryer Sheets
  • Do Not wash with other cotton items, separate colours, do not wash dark and light colour together

Eco Bathroom Box

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