What's Inside your Eco Box?

What's inside? 

Each box is designed for a purpose to try and make your life easier to introduce eco-friendlier products into your home and life. 

Depending on which box you choose, either the Eco Warrior Box that varies in products from 6-8, this box includes a vast range of products from reusable straws, beeswax wraps, produce bags, eco sunscreen and so much more to help you become the eco warrior you were always born to be! 

The Clean Easy breathe Easy box delivers you with all the kitchen favourites, a multipurpose spray, dishwashing liquid, 2x eco scourers, and a microfibre waffle cloth. 

The Eco Pet box produces you with the best eco products for your pet, including an eco shampoo, conditioner, dog cologne and an eco-friendly chew toy.

The Eco Bathroom Box brings you the bathroom favourites including toilet cleaner, hand wash, bathroom spray cleaner, floor cleaner and a microfibre waffle cloth. 

We choose the best eco products to keep you updated with only the best. 

These boxes are just the start of what we have to offer you, you can expect to see in the near future an Eco Baby Box, and an Eco Beauty Box.  

The boxes are made to make it easy for you to replace non eco-friendly products that you currently use now, and replace them with the eco-friendly products provided to you in your eco box! 

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